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How Cancer Pain is Treated is currently available in a number of different versions:

Onscreen Reading Version (Second Edition)
(89 pages, 605 KB) This is the complete version, which includes Appendices 1, 2 & 3. It provides a comprehensive but non-technical explanation of the many ways in which cancer pain can invariably be relieved. It is ideal for onscreen reading on computers and tablets, and also displays well in landscape mode on smartphones, iPods etc. This version is secured (to prevent alterations) but the content can be copied. (It is also printable, but the options offered below are more economical for that purpose.)

See the links near the bottom of the page if you need to install a PDF-capable app such as Adobe Reader to read this version on your computer or mobile device.

Editable DOCX Version (Second Edition)
(89 pages, 1.04 MB) This complete version is intended for the use of authors who wish to use some of its content in a new document, as authorised under its Creative Commons license. If you require a different format, such as DOC, RTF or TXT, send an email to

NOTE: As this version is editable, copies which have not just been downloaded may have been altered. Therefore, it is essential that all content be checked against the secured PDF version (see above).

Print Version (Second Edition) INSIDE PAGES
(60 pages, 486 KB) In this version, the number of pages has been reduced by using smaller margins and omitting the appendices, in order to keep costs down. (The appendices may be downloaded separately, a little further down this page.) Please note that, due to economies of scale, it is often cheaper to purchase the booklet than to print it (see the instructions on the right hand side of this page).

Print Version (Second Edition) COVER ONLY
(One A4 page, 1.31MB) When this file has been printed on A4 paper or card, the resulting page can be folded to form the front and back cover of an A5 booklet made from the file above. Please note that, due to economies of scale, it is often cheaper to purchase the booklet than to print it (see the instructions on the right hand side of this page).

Appendix 1, Appendix 2 & Appendix 3
(14 pages, 67 KB) If you have purchased or printed the Print Version of How Cancer Pain is Treated, the appendices may be read onscreen, or printed, by downloading this file.


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