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Author's Note

Although some of the "musings" in this series have been inspired by various ancient scriptures, or by the works of various philosophers, some dead and some living, the "Philosophical Musings" series itself is not aligned with any particular religion or philosophy. Indeed, the author considers all "particular" religions and philosophies to be equally impossible attempts to put into words one single reality which simply has no verbal counterpart. It therefore cannot be adequately expressed in any words, no matter how inspired or beautiful those words may be - though some useful pointers may often be gleaned "between the lines".

It follows, of course, that if any of the "musings" in this series appear to be attempts, however amateurish, to express something important in words, then those "musings" are doomed to fail utterly. However, that is not my intention, in any of my "musings". Rather, it is my intention simply to "muse and re-muse" about various ideas which occur to me from time to time - and to invite you, the reader, to "muse if you choose" about those same ideas.

It is possible that you may find yourself in agreement with some of the ideas expressed in this series. Alternatively (and far more likely, I expect) you may find some of the ideas irrelevant, some ridiculous and some too obvious to be worth mentioning. Whatever the case, you are entirely welcome to your opinion. And if your disagreement prompts some musing of your own, well, so much the better!


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