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A practical approach to the understanding and healing of the emotions of everyday life (227 pages, 836 KB)

Notes on Communication
A simple but comprehensive guide to the many aspects of interpersonal communication (180 pages, 678 KB)

How Cancer Pain is Treated
A comprehensive but non-technical explanation of the many ways in which cancer pain can invariably be relieved.

(Note: There is a separate download page for the various different versions of "How Cancer Pain is Treated", which is now also available as a printed booklet. Left-click the link above to see the options.)


(a) Travel Health:

Travel Health Series - Introduction

Fitness for International Travel

Preparing for International Travel, Part 1

Preparing for International Travel, Part 2

Preparing for International Travel, Part 3

Travel Checklists

Oral Rehydration

(b) Miscellaneous:

Insomnia (Second Edition)

How Cancer Pain is Treated

How to use Panadol and Panadeine Forte regularly to relieve chronic pain

Oral Rehydration

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